Why Stay Sober? Some Helpful Reminders

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Addiction can have a shackling hold on a person and its effect is a cycle of unending torment. From the loneliness to lack of inner peace and the physical drain on you, there are so many reasons to stay sober.

If you are in early recovery, I must applaud your strength and ask you to hang in there. I was once where you are now and I understand how difficult it is.

Stay strong, remind yourself why you quit and continue with your mental exercises. Keep your true friends close and don’t hesitate to call someone when you feel particularly encumbered.

Just in case, here are some reminders to fortify your resolve.

A Healthier Mind And Body

You may not feel entirely strong right now but you are much better than you ever were when you were using. A healthy mind helps you make the right decisions, hold sane conversations and build your inner confidence. There’s nothing like being able to discuss comfortably without looking forward to the next fix or twitching uncontrollably.

Being sober makes you put yourself first. That means looking after your health and physical appearance. When you are healthy, you can do things you love like travel, sports, pursue a career and date.

Financial Stability

Being independent is one of the best feelings in the world. In sobriety, you are in a better position to hold a stable job and be productive. A job means income, and income means self-sufficiency. Think about how you can go wherever you want or support your family and children without needing to sponge off someone.

Self-sufficiency also improves your self-worth and self-esteem. You are in a better position to aspire for those things you have always wished for, ask that attractive girl or guy out or travel to the ends of the world.

Build Relationships

When you were using, any relationship you had, no doubt would have suffered. The lies and dishonesty of an addictive behaviour are bound to wrench the bonds of even the strongest relationship. Besides romantic relationships, the closeness with your children, friends and colleagues is threatened by addiction mood bouts and inconsistency. You have come a long way to build the relationship, don’t put it back in danger by relapsing.

Use your connections with loved ones as a motivator to remain sober. They are counting on you to overcome during this period and you can do it.

Personal Fulfilment And Inner Peace

Remember how lonely and unhappy you felt when you were dependent. The low self-esteem, lack of motivation and guilt- these unhealthy feelings are dangerous to the psyche. In fact, with time, mental anguishes lead to physical body breakdown.

Sobriety inspires fulfilment in one’s self and more peaceful nights spent well-slept. A strong mind is more prepared to face life positively without danger of cracking at the slightest hint of pressure. Motivate yourself to achieve emotional and physical sobriety.

Sobriety is not an event but a process. It is going to take some effort to go through early recovery. Always seek support of a professional or sponsor when in doubt.

Stay strong.

Article Submitted on behalf of drugrehab-derbyshire.uk

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