Vaping — the Most Effective Method yet in Combating Cigarette Addiction?

Addiction takes a toll on marriages. The addicted partner and the other suffer the consequences. It’s a very challenging time for marriages and such couples are four times more likely to divorce. Also, sad but true, most of the divorce happens when the addicted partner is in recovery. Smoking has been one of the deadliest scourges tormenting humanity since the dawn of civilization. The addictive habit of absorbing the burnt tobacco contents of a cigarette continues to be a major health catastrophe with several millions of lives already lost to the lifestyle. Smoking is the number one preventable cause of death across the globe with about 7 million deaths per year. It is responsible for very serious health conditions like bronchitis, lung cancer, heart diseases, and emphysema. Nearly 80% of deaths as a result of smoking can be attributed to lung cancer, with about 14% caused by heart diseases.

The impact of smoking isn’t only felt in the number of lives that are lost to various health conditions but also in the domino effect it brings to the global economy. In the UK for example,smoking costs the National Health Service (NHS) about £2 billion a year for the treatment of the diseases that result from the unhealthy habit.

Several plans and strategies have been adapted to curb the escalation of the situation including the placement of stiff taxation on cigarette products in order to drive the prices up and deter willing smokers, aggressive campaigns against the habit that include media adverts on television, radio, and billboards, and also the insertion of warning labels on the packets of cigarette explaining the dangers of the product. All these coupled with various techniques used by qualified organizations to tackle smoking addiction have yet to give any serious dividend.

When vaping became popular and trendy about half a decade ago, not many thought that it would reach the heights that it is currently blazing through. In fact, health organizations in their usual stead lunged very negative campaigns about the new lifestyle choice comparing it to the act of smoking a cigarette, even though the difference between both lifestyle choices is as glaring as night and day. Vaping has finally been proven to be an effective tool that can be used to stop the dreadful habit of smoking. In The UK for instance, the first data that seems to suggest the efficacy of this cool procedure is the report released by Public Health England, which showed a record drop in the numbers of smokers since the inception of the research process in 1974.This findings, which also revealed a collapse in the sales of cigarettes, seem to suggest that the majority of people quitting the puffing of cigarette have turned to a more healthy alternative — vaping.

Researchers from highly credible organisations including the U.K Centre for Tobacco and Alcohol Studies and the University of Geneva’s Institute of Social and Preventive Medicine have also provided expertly backed datathat further solidifies the assertion that vaping is an helpful tool in halting the smoking habits of addictive smokers.

The use of vaping to combat the intake of cigarettes is really just a modification of all effective common methods been used by highly qualified treatment facilities. Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT), which is basically the use of nicotine patches, gums, nasal sprays, and inhalers, has successfully been used as a method to help smokers attempting to quit, though the rate of success one must confess hasn’t been impressive. The use of vapes or vaporisers is also based on the same principle as NRT, however, it’s more efficient in satisfying a smokers crave for nicotine thus making it a very potent alternative.

The evidence that proves the effectiveness of vaping in tackling the habit of smoking is overwhelming, and until a better method is formulated, it will be wise to maximise a lifestyle choice partly responsible for the drastic drop in the number of smokers.

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