Tips For Cutting Down Your Drinking

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Are you consuming more alcohol than you usually would on a regular basis and is it giving you a cause for concern? Have you realised that you drink more often than you should? Maybe you need to control your alcohol intake and cut down on your drinking.

Why Should I Cut Down On Drinking?

Too much alcohol is not good for your health. That is just the fact. But how much of alcohol is too much? The government advises that one should not take more than 14 units of alcohol in one week. Drinking too much is not so far removed from alcohol dependence or addiction and that is one path you do not want to take. There are many benefits of drinking less alcohol which you will experience if you cut back on your drinking.

How Can I Drink Less?

Alcohol consumption can become a devastating problem if not monitored. Here are some tips on cutting back on it.

Set Goals And Plan

You need to set a goal for your alcohol consumption, this will give you a target to work towards. For example, instead of drinking 16 units in a week, your goal may be to consume nothing more than 6 units per week by the end of 2 months. Besides setting a goal, you need to create a plan to help you achieve your goal. Your plan can include budgeting how much you will spend on alcohol, a way to monitor and track your alcohol intake and switching to lower strength drinks.

Ask For Support From Others

Some days you might need the support from others to help you stand firm in your decision to cut back on your alcohol intake. You should inform your friends, family and anyone you hang out with regularly of your decision to cut back on drinking. When they know this and see your determination to do so, they will help you by encouraging you when it gets hard. Also, they will not advertently put stumbling blocks in your way. For example, if you go out to the pub with your buddies and they know you are trying to cut back, they would be able to help you stay away from drinking more than you might have planned to.

Eat And Drink

You need to maintain a healthy diet and always stay hydrated. You should not consume alcohol on an empty stomach as doing so will cause it to be absorbed into your system at a faster rate which in turn will increase your consumption rate. Drinking more water will help you to stay hydrated so you can try having a bottle of water before you have a drink.

Avoid Triggers

If certain foods, places or people will cause you to drink even when you do not want to, then you need to avoid them. Find out what things trigger your drinking urge and make plans to avoid or escape them. You do not want to be caught off guard by a trigger and not have a way out.

Do Other Things

Occupy the time you would usually use for drinking with other activities that will keep you either mentally or physically busy or both. Renewing or taking up new and healthy hobbies, relationships and activities will help take your attention off drinking.

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