Nootropics: How To Avoid Development of Tolerance and Possible Addiction

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There are well documented benefits to taking Nootropics. From high school students to top level executives in Silicon Valley, the resultant effect of taking nootropics has been lauded. However, as with any substance that impacts on functionality, there is always the risk of developing tolerance to approved doses and becoming addicted.

Constant use of even the most carefully selected nootropics can lead to habituation of its standard effects. When this happens, you will no longer just need them to “get more done” or “stay awake”, you will find yourself unable to function optimally without taking a dose. The end result is perpetual chemical imbalance in the brain that can only be remedied by taking your fix of nootropics. How can you avoid this?

Here are some principles you can work with.

Don’t take nootropics without regular breaks

This is vital. Below, we will see break plans for some of the more common nootropics.

Don’t go beyond the minimum effective dose

With nootropics, you do not have any valid reasons to use more than the recommended dosage. Doing so only hastens tolerance and in many cases, you could end up unable to achieve the reason for hyper-stimulation in the first place.

Take nootropics exactly when you need them

Do not take nootropics leisurely. Cultivate the habit of only using the specific compound at the exact moment you need it. Some of the nootropics and kick in within 30 minutes of ingestion and can remain active for 4 hours. The key is to time ingestion with when you need to be most productive, therefore eliminating the need for a second dose.

Specific Nootropics Cycle

Please note that these are simply guides. Speak to a nootropics expert to work out the best cycle for you as soon as you notice rising tolerance (reduced effect).

For Nutrients

Vitamin D3, Omega 3 fatty acids, choline, creatine and magnesium are some of the most consumed in this category. There is no reason to cycle these compounds as the body needs them to maintain optimal function. However, it is still important to avoid overloading your system with any one of them.

For stimulants

The tolerance profiles for many stimulants vary. It is generally recommended, however, to only use stimulants 3-4 times a week. When used beyond this cycle, tolerance will gradually kick in. The most popular compounds in this category include, theobromine, nicotine, modafinil, caffeine and phenylpiracetam.

For Racetams

There is no definite evidence that you can develop tolerance to these but several reports have stated that it is possible to build tolerance. Experts generally recommend using piracetam and aniracetam for 4 months and staying away for a month to see if tolerance has developed. With more powerful racetams, however, using 4-5 times within a 7 day period and staying away for 3-4 weeks is a better way to gauge tolerance. Others

For Picamilon, Theamine, Bacopa and other similar compounds, a cycle of 2 weeks use and 1 week off will allow you to assess tolerance levels while prevent it from developing.


Tolerance with nootropics is a huge problem. The only way to avoid it is careful and considered use. With regular breaks and proper cycling, you can keep a lid on the effects of the compound whilst continuing to reap your desired benefits.

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