How To Withdraw From Marijuana

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Giving up the use of marijuana is usually hard for users who have been using it daily. Thus, in withdrawing from marijuana, it is important to inform yourself, so that you will be aware of things to expect and possible ways of dealing with the problems that can occur.

When Is The Right Time To Withdraw From Marijuana

Withdrawing from marijuana or any other drug occurs after there is physical dependence. Usage of marijuana daily often leads to physical dependency over the period of time it is used. When the user becomes dependent on marijuana physically, withdrawal from marijuana could occur when there is a great reduction in the dosage of THC or when you completely stop using marijuana.

How Long Does It Take To Withdraw From Marijuana

The duration it takes to withdraw from marijuana is usually determined by the user’s position, and varies from user to user, but mainly determined by the duration of drug usage. For example, someone that has been using marijuana daily for years will definitely take a longer time to withdraw from the drug than someone that has used it casually for just a few months. The symptoms for marijuana starts occurring from the last day of use to three days, and the symptoms can last for a week to as long as a month or more.

Day 1: During the first day of withdrawing from marijuana, the user could have feelings like insomnia, anxiety and irritability

Day 2-3: This is usually the peak of the symptoms of withdrawal. The cravings would become strong, so it’s common to relapse during this period. Chills, sweating and stomach pains are usually common in this period.

Day 4-14: The symptoms start fading over the next few weeks. Depression is likely to set in as the chemistry of the brain begins to change and gets use to functioning without THC. The cravings for marijuana are likely to still be present.

Day 15+: By now, most if not all symptoms should have gone. Users with severe psychological addictions might be feeling depressed and have anxiety for some months.

Is It Possible To Withdraw From Marijuana At Home?

The withdrawal symptoms of marijuana are not as dangerous as withdrawing from other drugs. So it is very possible to actually withdraw from marijuana in the comfort of your home without encountering any serious problems. However, seeking the aid of specialists on addictions can be of help in reducing the likelihood of relapsing and will better help you to handle the withdrawal symptoms of marijuana.

Possible Symptoms Of Withdrawing From Marijuana

Withdrawing from marijuana can differ from user to user, but certain symptoms are common. The common symptoms include:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Changes in mood
  • Irritability
  • Loss of appetite
  • Nausea
  • Headaches
  • Restlessness
  • Sleep problems
  • Agitation

How To Ease These Symptoms Of Withdrawal From Marijuana

As stated above, most symptoms of withdrawal can be treated at home. Most times, it just involves having a change of habits and routine. Anxiety, for example can be reduced using techniques for stress reduction, like different forms of exercises and breathing exercises. Drinking a lot of water can also help to flush out the toxins in the body. Replacing caffeine with herbal tea will also help with sleeping problems. Treating headaches and nausea can be done with an over the counter medication. Restlessness and irritability can also be treated using medication.

Studies of possible medications for the treatment of withdrawal from marijuana include the ones that will help reduce the symptoms of cannabis withdrawal and those that have shown effectiveness in treating various psychiatric conditions or drug abuse. Buspirone is the only medication today that has shown effectiveness for cannabis dependence in a monitored clinical trial.

Withdrawing From Marijuana Safely

When withdrawing from marijuana, safety does not really become an issue. It is however advisable to undergo a detox and also to be supervised medically when withdrawing. This way the chances of relapsing are reduced and the doctors are able to help if any issues occur during the withdrawal process.

Best Way To Withdraw From Marijuana

Withdrawing from marijuana does not have a stereotyped process. Deciding on the most effective method to withdraw from marijuana largely depends on the user and the user’s needs. Reduction of the usage of the drug has been said to work for many people and gradually cutting the amount they take in daily or weekly. Users that go with this method typically undergo less severe symptoms of withdrawal.

Staying away completely from marijuana will also help when trying to quit. This means clearing the house of all marijuana and its belongings. It is also best to associate with non-users and recovering user should keep busy with other activities where they will be unable to have access to the drug, thereby cutting out every urge and making the process a lot easier.

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