How To Know You’re Ready To Kick The Habit

It’s not uncommon to hear about people who decide to kick the habit after experiencing some sort of epiphany or moment of clarity. These usually come about due to life changing events such as the death of a fellow user, an overdose or some other drug related ‘near death’ experience. This however, doesn’t mean that if you haven’t experienced such moments that you’re not ready to kick the habit. If you have enough motivation to live a life that’s free of drugs, you are ready to kick the habit. Motivations to want to get clean include:

  1. Wanting to get clean for your own sake: Over the course of your addiction, there are many people who will want you to change your habit and many will advise you to go to rehab. However, getting clean is sometimes much harder than staying clean. If the motivation for getting clean comes from someone else, the motivation to stay clean may reduce should that person’s influence reduce. If you have a desire from deep inside that you want to get clean for your own sake and nobody else’s, then you’re ready to get clean.
  2. Poor health: Depending on the drug you’re using, you are likely to suffer from health issues such as osteoporosis, brain damage, cancer, liver and kidney failure etc. Most drug dependents also tend to suffer from very poor nutrition. This is because the use of drugs may conceal other cravings or the need to eat. When you are sober enough to come to terms with your own declining health, it is important to seek help from an expert before the situation gets worse.
  3. Poor finances: Drug habits are never cheap not just because drugs are expensive but because the constant need to use will ensure that you will always have to buy. It’s very easy to lose control of your finances once you start using drugs. In case your drug habit causes you to lose or abandon employment, your financial situation may even get worse. This can lead to problems such as homelessness and engaging in crime to fuel your habit. If you are able to recognize that your financial life is a mess and understand that it needs to get better then you’re ready to get clean.
  4. You constantly think about getting clean: A life of using drugs is usually characterized by pursuit of the drug, the euphoria of using the drug and the subsequent crash or hangover after the effects have worn off. In all this, there is little time to think about other emotions. However, if you start to find yourself thinking more of what it would be like to be clean and to reconnect with your family as someone other than a drug user then you are ready to begin the process of getting clean.

All it takes to start getting clean is to want to get clean. It doesn’t require a life changing moment to see that your life could be better than it is when you’re using.

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