Holidays With Recovering Loved Ones

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The holiday period is quickly approaching. Holidays are fun, happy and interesting but they are also stressful and they can be quite challenging for people recovering from addiction. How do you celebrate the holidays with your loved ones in recovery? Especially those still in their first years of recovery? Here are some tips to enjoy the holidays and ensure that your loved ones do too.

  1. Find out if they are comfortable and want to be a part of the celebrations and festivities: Talk with your loved ones to enquire if they want to participate in the festivities or they would rather sit back and be among those they trust. Especially if they feel that they are not ready and being a part of the merry time can set back their recovery. Their recovery comes first so have a talk with them about it.
  2. Find out what they’d like to do: If they’d like to be a part of the celebration, ask them what exactly they’d like to do and find out to what extent they want to get involved. Do not pile responsibilities on them that they are not willing or able to shoulder or that might put undue pressure on them. For example, you do not want to put them in charge of purchasing drinks for the celebrations if you will be serving alcohol and they are recovering from alcohol addiction.
  3. They might want to bring company: Find out if they want to invite anyone over, maybe someone who is also on the road to recovery with them. Ask them about this early so that you can take that into consideration while planning.
  4. Let them know if you will be serving alcohol: If you will be serving alcohol at any of your events, you need to let them know ahead of time. You might have to make alternative arrangements for them to ensure that they are not upset or triggered by that much consumption of alcohol if they are recovering from alcohol abuse.
  5. Find out what they would like to have: Ask them about the kind of beverages and drinks they would rather have during the holidays and get that for them. Same with food. If there are particular meals they would rather not have or some that they desire to have.

These are just a few tips to guide you when you are celebrating the holidays with a recovering loved one. However, there are two things you should bear in mind:

  1. Someone’s recovery is not your responsibility. It is their job to remain sober and clean. All you should do is support them and facilitate their needs at that point in time. Meaning that you should not put any stumbling blocks in their way. However, someone recovering needs to be able to strengthen their minds and deal with or face the things that make them weak so that it no longer has that power over them.
  2. Talk with them: For you to really enjoy your holidays and have them enjoy it too, there has to be loads of talking between both parties. Let them ask you as many questions as they need answers to. You should also ask them questions. This is to ensure that you are both on the same page and are in agreement with your plans. You could even do the planning together.

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