Choosing A Career In Addiction Treatment

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Deciding to follow a career in addiction treatment or becoming a substance use disorder counsellor is deciding to save lives, give hope to individuals and families!

Addiction affects every area of the patient’s life and society in general. Relationships are often damaged, jobs lost or destroyed and lives put in constant danger due to substance abuse disorders. In the US, approximately 22 million persons, aged 12 or older, were categorized in 2005 with substance dependence or abuse. Of this figure, only about 10% received treatment at a medical facility.

The prospects of a job in the addiction niche are bright and forecasted to grow as the present workforce retires and new sets of professionals are needed to meet the growing need in the sector.

A university degree in the right course and professional certification is necessary to qualify one as an addiction counsellor and to be equipped with the right knowledge, techniques and experience to administer quality and efficient treatment to patients.

But one vital natural pre-requisite to be successful and fulfilled on the job is to be empathetic and passionate about helping people.

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