About Us

Rut Thinking was established to help people with an addiction problem to journey to recovery. We provide guidance and support to people addicted to alcohol, drugs, eating disorders and gambling- at the same time helping their friends and loved ones pull through it together.

We are a team of professional counsellors, health care professionals, and interventionists. We provide one of the best treatment programs that help people on their personal journey to recovery.

There are lots of programs and information available on addiction and it can be overwhelming. Finding the right program that suits an individual is an important step in the process, and Rut Thinking has decades of experience helping patients find the right path.

We help you or someone you love ease into the process and find the right path. That is, guiding you in the right way to establish an intervention for a loved one.

Moreover, we take our professionalism seriously and our service is strictly confidential. Your information is only shared with our team of experts to handle your case directly and offering a high level of discretion.

We Offer The Full Range Of Service

We offer the full range of addiction help services such as home detox, personal counselling, attentive aftercare services, harm minimisation advice, detox assessment, drop-in and group work, and a host of other services.

Every aspect of our service is driven by a passion to help every patient. Our experts have years of experience helping patients and their loved ones through the journey of recovery. We also recognise that no two cases are the same and that is why our team takes a highly personal approach to helping a client find their feet again.

Additionally, we do not rush the process. We take the time to find the right help and program for each circumstance- ensuring that it’s done right and that the benefit is long-lasting. Rut Thinking is trusted because we provide continued support for the patients and their loved ones during and after the treatment- including during the time patients are in rehab because we know that the road to recovery is a shared journey.

We Have Helped Hundreds Of People Recover

Recovery from addiction is a difficult journey. Rut Thinking has been on the journey with hundreds of families over the years and we have helped them through the difficult time. We are passionate about helping people and we have the expertise and experience to help. ‘

Simply put, we care. That is why we are in this job and we are proud to have helped hundreds of people complete the journey.

We have access to hundreds of addiction rehabilitation centres and we can arrange with what is best for the patient without sacrificing quality.

At times, patients need to get away from an environment to enable them to find the right journey. Our rehabilitation clinics all across the nation and abroad enable us to offer such bespoke service to clients.

We have built a reputation over the years for our professionalism and we trust to deliver excellent care at all times- offering high-quality service uncondiitonally.