Dealing With Loneliness During Addiction Recovery

Article Submitted on behalf of Recovery from addiction has several steps and several challenges. Also, the success of the addiction recovery program often depends on how the various challenges during recovery are dealt with.

During early recovery, most people that are successfully following the program can’t stop talking about the joy and freedom staying off the once abused substance has brought into their life. However, it doesn’t take long for loneliness to set in and the tales of joy and freedom give way to tales of loneliness.

It’s a challenge on the road to recovery and you have to successfully navigate it. Understand that loneliness is normal. Even the famous celebrities that are showered with love around the clock still fall victim of loneliness and some end up abusing substances.

Loneliness is part of the human condition. Everybody is lonely at times and some people are lonely a lot of the time. It’s important not to feel bad or feel punished or feel that your case is unusual in order to find the right way to handle your loneliness and not relapse.

Here Are Few Things That Can Help

Loneliness Is A Gift

Yes, you read that right. It serves the purpose of making you understand that you need other people. It lets you see the importance of building a relationship with other people and lets you cherish the ones you have.

For some people, it’s a chance to build a relationship with a Higher Power, and this has helped a lot of people out of their addiction. Of course, not everybody believes in God or a Higher Power. But whether you do or not, it’s important to understand the need to build and appreciate the relationship you have.

It’s not a time to feel sorry for yourself. It’s a time to actively seek a relationship with not just other people but a God of your understanding.

Mend Fences

It may not always be feasible, but loneliness is a reminder that you need to mend fences with people you fell out with or lost contact with during your addiction. It’s time to reach out and see if you can start afresh with them.

It may not always work out if you try but it never will if you don’t try.

Join A Class

Apart from the interests you had pre-addiction, it may be time to pick up new interests and meet new people. It won’t always be comfortable at first, but neither is loneliness. Be proactive and try to meet new people, or at least put yourself in a positive situation where new people can meet you.

It would not just ensure that you are less lonely, but you would also have one more reason to stay healthy.

Get Comfortable With Yourself

Not all relationships are healthy. For instance, you may want to cut out relationships and hobbies that put you in danger of relapsing. Even romantic relationships during the first year of recovery can be dangerous because relationships are volatile and a bad relationship early on in the recovery is associated with a lot of relapses.

The best way is to be comfortable and confident with yourself. The confidence makes you attractive and you become someone people want to associate with.

You don’t have to fear loneliness. It gives you a chance to start afresh and it’s a good way to get your life back on track.

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